J6 Riding Academy

4 Aug , 2017  

Johnny 6 Riding Academy

The Johnny 6 Riding Academy is a group lesson for children ages 6-21. They will have a one hour group lesson every Saturday at 10:00-11:00.   The J6 Academy is for a monthly fee of only $125.

The J6 Riding Academy focus is on developing excellent young riders. They will learn basic ground horsemanship along with the majority of the time learning correct riding skills on the Academy horses.  The program of J6 Riding Academy will allow riders to advance to more challenging horses and if they desire eventually showing! As a barn family we are passionate about our horses and we love to just have fun! We hope you will come and join us!

Academy students will learn how to; halter, groom, tack, free-lunge, lunge line, long lining and even learn how to drive a horse with a cart! They will develop correct balanced riding skills at the walk, jog, trot, extended trot and canter. Our Academy horses are ridden English style so students will also learn how to post the trot (an excellent way to not bounce on the horse’s back). Rain days or bad weather days we will be learning in a classroom environment.

We will be requiring Academy students to purchase helmet, riding paddock boots, riding pants and Academy shirt. Until your child has all necessary equipment, it is ok for them to wear jeans without rhinestones (so it won’t scratch the saddles) and closed toed shoes. We do have some helmets to borrow until they are able to get their own. We understand that the financial investment is big. Therefore it is ok to take time on purchasing.  The priority is safety first so please start with your child’s helmet.


~ $50- $90 Helmet with adjustable fit – can be purchased at Tractor Supply in Gilroy or at one of the online stores below.

~ $89 Leather Paddock Boots – http://www.doversaddlery.com/ariat-scout-zip-paddock-boot/p/X1-38880/

~$69.00 Black Riding Pants – affordable polyester non-stretch with fabric knee patches  http://stores.hartmeyer.com/products/ladies-polyester-low-rise-jodhpur-pants.html

if you want a nicer option (makes a great gift) ~$200 Black Riding Pants – comfortable stretch fabric with leather knee patch http://modjods.com

~ $35 Academy Shirt – can be purchased at Johnny 6 Stables


Johnny 6 Riding Academy is situated on 80 acres of farm land at 9655 New Ave, Gilroy. Please feel free to visit anytime. Our barn is your barn.

For any questions or to sign up please call or text Amanda at 408-833-3870.

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