For Sale / Lease

Horses for Sale and Lease




Lady is a favorite in the barn. She is fun to be around and has an easy going great attitude. She is the horse of choice for beginner riders and riders that are timid. Lady is very kind and loves to go on walks. She has taken riders to their first time in the show ring or on trail rides. Lady is offered for lease of $250 a month including use of her tack. Call to come try Lady for yourself. 408-833-3870.




Paschee is a remarkable mare who is gentle and smart. She has a wonderful canter and showy trot. Paschee can win you ribbons in the show ring as well as safely take you on a trail ride. She is a very special horse that would enjoy a beginner or intermediate rider. You could show her if you like or simply enjoy a well trained horse so you can refine your own riding skills.

Available for sale or in house show lease. Please call to set up a time to meet PASCHEE 408-833-3870.



Shadow is a beautiful mare. She is kind and loves to go. She is easy to work around with great ground manners. Shadow loves to move out and go places. She has a fantastic extended trot and canter. She is brave on trail and has some show experience. She would best be suited for an intermediate rider.  Please make an appointment to ride her and see what you think. Lease price ranges on availability. 408-833-3870


Owning a Horse

Adding a horse to your family can be one of the most rewarding experiences in your life. We charge the standard 10% commission on the purchase or sell price of horses being sold or selected with our guidance. Check out our quick and basic guide to give you an idea of the expenses associated with owning a horse.


Leasing a horse is a great way to see if you are ready to buy your own horse. It is also a great way to experience and ride a nice quality well trained horse without having to go through the expense and commitment of buying one. Leasing can also keep you riding while you are looking to purchase your own horse.

Many of the leasing horses are also offered for sale. If at any time you would like to purchase your leased horse please let the trainer know right away. If your leased horse gets sold, you will be given the opportunity to lease another horse or the unused portion of your lease money will be given back to you. Tack is provided with leased horses. Leasers are obligated to keep tack clean and in good working condition. Leasers must also wear a helmet at all times when riding their horse.