English Riding Lessons

At Johnny 6 Stables, we teach a traditional, ultra-safe type of English riding called Saddleseat. It is the basis of all riding styles. Because of the dangers associated with jumping horses over fences, we DO NOT TEACH JUMPING at J6S. We’re proud of our reputation for producing excellent riders and fine young people, and the Johnny 6 family has worked hard to earn our reputation! We teach beginner, intermediate and advanced riders. Some of our riders participate in horse shows. Many do not. Horse lovers of all ages, and with goals of all types, are welcome at J6S.

We here at Johnny 6 Stables are fond of saying how lucky we are to be working with God’s grandest creatures; His children and His horses.

Something for Everyone

We offer riding lessons for those interested in showing or if you just want to have fun!! Not only is it is also a great source of exercise but it is a great way to escape from your day! We teach children as young as 3 years old in a Mommy (or Daddy) and Me classes as well as teaching Grandma and Grandpa to ride or drive the buggy.

Here at Johnny 6 Stables we believe in giving our students the best learning experience possible so most all our lessons are taught as private one-on-one lessons. This allows us to teach you at a speed that you are comfortable with because every rider progresses differently.

Lessons for Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced Riders


All of our beginner riders start learning in private lessons, which are 30 minutes long. Most of our riders take weekly lessons. We recommend 2 times a week if possible to build up your strength and skills faster. Our more serious show riders, ride several times a week.

Lessons for Adult Riders

We do have many adults who ride at Johnny 6 Stables. Maybe you grew up riding and you’re ready to get back in the saddle or perhaps you’ve always dreamed of taking horseback riding lessons. Our instructors will make it fun for you. Your instructor will choose a horse that fits your level of ability so you can gain confidence and enjoy your riding experience. Your riding lesson may (if eligible) include grooming and tacking up your horse, and putting the horse away after the lesson. Which may be done in addition to your actual riding time. We will teach you horse care, and you are welcome to take extra time grooming your horse after the lesson if you like.

Your First Lesson

For your first lesson please wear long pants (no rhinestones)and closed toed shoes. By your fourth lesson we ask for all our students to be wearing the correct riding attire. You will need Kentucky jodhpurs (riding pants,for purchase at Johnny 6 Stables), jodhpur boots (black), gloves (black) and helmet (black) which are available at Tractor Supply in Gilroy.

Our Facility

We are located in the beautiful valley of Gilroy Ca, right near the Gilroy Outlets. The Stables is on a 80 acre agriculture farm. Our facilities include a large lighted outdoor sand riding area — a quarter mile jog track — and round riding pen. We have a nice outdoor lounge so that one may sit and enjoy watching the horses.

Horse Shows

Many of our riders compete in horse shows. Some do so at the national level. Some of Johnny 6 Stables riders do not care to show or only want to go to small local shows. They are learning to ride for the thrill and pleasure of becoming a partner with a horse. Both types of riders are welcome at Johnny 6 Stables.

About Our School Horses

We have many horses on which we teach riding lessons. They vary in skill and temperament from those suited for very beginners to those suited for riders who compete nationally at shows.

Our Goals

Our first goal is to keep our riders safe. Our second goal is to make every rider’s experience fun and incredibly enjoyable. Our third goal is to help our riders achieve their own personal horsemanship goals – whatever they may be.

Feel free to call or stop by for a free tour of our barn.

Our Lesson Horses


Lady Pracilla

Lady Pracilla is the most amazing lesson horse. She is the best with children and small adults learning their balance and just starting to post. She builds confidence in her riders, because she goes at a slow and easy pace. As soon as the student falls off balance she will stop. She is a true lady and is one of the most beatiful horses in the barn.



Paris is a very wonderful mare for those timid young riders. She loves to be brushed and to go for a walk. She will build your or your child’s confidence in just one lesson. Everybody loves Paris and Paris loves everyone.




Bullet is a big, sweet saddlebred. He has done quite well when shown in the Country Pleasure classes. He does a fantastic job in our driving lessons and loves to jog around our track or rest under the shade of the big oak trees. He has a strong trot and an unbelievable rocking horse canter. He is the cadillac of the barn.

Lesson Packages

  • 1 Intro Riding Lesson (30 min) – $25
  • 1 Private Riding Lesson (30 min) – $50
  • 1 Private Driving Lesson (30 min) – $50
  • Monthly Private 4 Lesson Package ($45 each) – $180
  • Riding Academy (1 hr group lesson Saturdays @ 10) – $125/month


We use an online scheduler to make appointments for riding or driving lessons. It is quick and easy and allows you to pick a day and time that works for you!

1. Schedule your lesson(s)

Our 30-minute lessons are private, so please, one time slot per person.


2. Pay for your lesson(s)

We offer all of our lesson options through our own storefront with multiple payment options, including paypal. Please note PayPal includes additional payment fees. Once your payment has been confirmed, you will receive an appointment confirmation via email through our scheduling partner, Clickbook.net.

Purchase Lessons

Or call 408-833-3870 to schedule

24-Hour Cancellation Policy

Please note, we will enforce the barn’s 24-hour cancellation policy. If you must miss your scheduled lesson for any reason, other than sickness or emergency, you will be charged for that lesson if you don’t call the barn 24 hours in advance.

What To Wear

We ask that after your 4th lesson to be dressed appropriately.

Please wear:

Kentucky jodphur pants (black or other color)

Jodpur boots (black no laces)

Helmet (black)

Leather gloves (black)

Johnny 6 Stables now carries Kentucky Jodphur Riding Pants for your convience. We have womens sizes from 26-34 waist and Children sizes 6-16 with an elastic waist band. We also carry Johnny 6 Polos.

Johnny 6 Stables has worked with our local Tractor Supply (10th street exit next to Sonic in Gilroy) to carry Zippered Jodpur paddock boots and riding helmets. If they do not have your size please go to the customer service desk and ask them to order it in the next weeks shipment. Thank you Tractor Supply for making it easier for us to get our boots and helmets!

If you are looking for more clothing these are some great websites to check out!

Hartmyer – 1-800-225-5519

Jazzy Jods – 888-386-5637

E-Horse Equipment – 1-800-251-3490