We go to local schooling shows and Grade A National level American Saddlebred Horse Shows (Big Shows). Ask your instructor if you are ready to show. If you are, you will most likely start with a schooling show.

Schooling Academy Show

acadamyCloth-153x300 Walk Trot and Canter Pleasure and Equitation and other classes are available to all riders of all ages. At these shows you may ride one of our schooling horses to show. You do not need to buy or own a horse to show.

Riders will be dressed appropiatly to show. Academy attire consists of well fitted helmet or derby, long sleeved oxford shirt with collar bar and tie, well fitted vest with magnetic number pins to hold show number in place, Kentucky jodphur pants with underpasses.

Jodphurs pants leg length need to hide edge of boot heel when on the horse so please do not taylor your jods short. (hunter or dressage breeches and jodphurs will not be allowed). Riders are to wear black gloves and black clean jodphur boots. If your lesson horse needs to have a whip you must also have a black whip with white handle.

Riders will have their hair well hair-sprayed nice and neat in a bun with matching bow. Riders should wear make-up appropriate for their age.

At a schooling show the classes are:

  • Lead-Line (7 years and under) – where the young rider will be lead by around the arena with the instructor. The rider will be jusdged on balance of good seat and body position and most ofall having a good time.
  • Lead-Line Walk and Trot (7 years and under) – where instructor runs with horse onlead as rider performs the posting trot and walk.
  • Walk and Trot Pleasure- where the rider preforms the gaits as well as navigate their horse and show their horse to the horses best.
  • Walk and Trot Equitation – where this is judged primarily on the riders good seat and posture and their ability to make the horse perform.

The Big Shows (grade A)


At the Big Shows there are sometimes offered Academy Classes of which riders may where the same outfit as the schooling shows. If you own your horse or if you have leased a show horse you are to wear a Full Suit.

The suit is usually custom tailored and if you are over 13 years old the colors are usually navy, black or brown fabric with accented vest that matches your personality.

If you like a little flash you may opt for a hot pink vest on a black pinstripe suit. If you like to be more suttle you may like a chocolate brown suit with a champane colored vest. These choices also depend on the color of your horse.

Please talk to your instructor and get swatches of fabrics to view before purchasing your suit. There are a few second hand stores with fabulous custom suits for sale at excellent prices. Most of these suits can be taken in or let out with a tailor.

Please check out they can send pictures of suits they have in stock and if you like them, they will mail them to you for finnal approval and you may mail back the ones you don’t want.


If you are interested in showing at this show you need to enroll in a minumum of 2 lessons per week one month ahead of show to get ready, practice and improve. Please pay Johnny 6 Stables as soon as possible so that we can reserve horses and room. Entry fees may be pre-entered and mailed directly to the show office.